Top 3 Reasons Why Websites Fail

You Can’t Afford to Let Your Website Fail

Do you want to make more money? Has your website been working to its fullest or is your website failing you here? This article explains top 3 reasons that websites fail and do not live up to expectations. We will explain why businesses cannot afford to let that happen.broken website, website failure, failed website

Effectively managing a business requires some type of internet presence, preferably in the form of a website. Look at your website as an online brochure, as you will. A failed website will cost your business money. You will lose online visibility, and people will not find you. Yes, those very people whom you count on to buy your service or product.

Your Website is Your Most Important Online Marketing Tool

A website is a great tool that can generate a ton of business, or just as easily push potential clients and customers away.  It’s one thing to have a website, it’s another to know what to do with it. Many businesses make the same common mistakes when attempting website design in an effort to raise brand awareness, generate sales and optimize search engines.

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Do your best to enhance your place with Search Engine (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Below are a few of the more common reasons why websites don’t live up to business owner’s expectations. These causes are the 3 top reasons businesses can’t afford to allow their websites to fail.

1. Cluttered, Generic, and Overall Poor Website Design

Your business’ website is an extension of your business. If a client opens your website, what are they going to see? Cluttered banner ads with flashy text and annoying colors? Sites that have videos that start as soon as you click on the page? These are the mark of a poor, unorganized website design.

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The internet is a golden marketing opportunity for any business. What would you want to see as a customer? Good website designs are sleek, easy to read, offer small graphic elements, and content that can be easily digested into bite-sized chunks. Utilize whitespace with a simple layout and only a few colors with a good contrast. Look at your website as a selling tool. Ask yourself, would you stay on a website that is obnoxious and confusing?

Changing just a few of these will make your site more visually appealing, will keep clients engaged, and, hopefully, will provide an uptick in the products or services you are providing. Keep in mind that if your website looks dated, clients will think your product or service is dated as well.

2. For Heaven Sakes Offer Meaningful Content!

One of the many reasons that people use the internet is for information. Potential clients are constantly looking for valuable content that answers a question, solves a problem, or explains a situation. Some websites make the mistake of offering content that is not well-written, choppy, and confusing because they are written primarily for search engine optimization purposes.

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Unfortunately, that doesn’t translate to sales. The devil is in the details! When you offer less than stellar content, what does that say about the rest of your business?

Customers also may not be necessarily searching for your specific business. If your content has value, you will build trust with those potential clients, which should, in turn, ensure your site is a go-to reservoir of information.

3. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Another website fail, is to neglect mobile capability. Data indicates that, for the first time ever, mobile and tablet usage has surpassed desktop usage. That means that you need to make your site mobile friendly now; at the very least, make that a goal in the coming year.

mobile friendly, mobile website, mobile deviceUnfortunately, 46% – 48% of mobile users still have difficulty interacting with websites. Being mobile friendly is becoming a need, and more than a want, in the marketplace with decreasing conversion rates for companies that do not offer a mobile-friendly experience.

This is just bad business as mobile tech is having direct effects on all businesses. People want information and products faster, easier, and smarter. If your business doesn’t provide what consumers need, they will find it elsewhere.

Mobile optimization is important for SEO purposes and improves usability when browsing with a finger instead of a mouse. Think about this statistic, 62% of companies that designed a site for mobile tech increased their sales in the first year.

Solutions to a Successful Website?

The internet isn’t going away anytime soon and if you want your business to stay ahead of the game, a good website will get you there. A stellar, sleek design, informative content, and mobile friendly services will keep you afloat, keep your business relevant, and gain traction in the marketplace. A Virtual Success can help you get there, whether you are a brand new business or an established entity that needs a new look. Contact us at today for a quote.

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