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Too busy to manage your social media updates? A Virtual Success will maintain and update your social media accounts. We research what keywords increase your SEO ranking. This will allow your business to stay in the forefront of people’s social comments regarding your business. Social media sources provide free marketing and increases your social reach. You tell a friend, who tells a friend, and on, and on.

Why is Social Media Important?

Social media tells individuals and businesses about who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. They advocate for and complement you, and you don’t even pay them to do it! Social Media also allows you to keep tabs on what people are saying about you and your services or products.

Do you know how your Social Media is performing?

Are you receiving metrics that show you how far you are reaching? What your impressions are? How are you saturating your friends, your friends’ friends, and your friends, friends, friends? Do you know what your response rate it? What about analytics for your website, as in the number of new visits, bounce rates, etc. All of these identify the effectiveness of your social media campaign.

Who you are:

Relationships: Establishing relationships is a good start; however, you want to sustain your follower’s interest. Social media marketing keeps you connected to your network, and provides a subtle and regular reminder that you are there for them. It is important to keep your social media personal, because it represents who you are.

Leads: Generate leads from your network of family, friends, and acquaintances. Social media is your opportunity to tell the world about what you do and how you can help them succeed.

Character: Your reputation is your most valuable resource. Here is the social part of social media because it tells people about you and how you communicate. When get to know you, then people trust you. They will call you when they need your services. Social media allows people to see how you present your character, whether it be professionally or comical.

What you know:

Here is your opportunity to tell people about what you know. We have come up with the acronym: TIPS — Tell Important Points for Solutions. The right TIPS will put you at the threshold to business growth. When people have practical information to refer to, that positions your business at the top of the list for when they will need you. Sites such as YouTube or Facebook, allow you to post tutorials.


Clicks are what search engines memorize. The more clicks your domain address gets, the higher up the search engine ladder you go. You need powerful SEO.

Page Ranks and Ratings

Wouldn’t you like to know how many people clicked on your website for the week? How they found you? If they were new or returning visitors? How long the average visit was? A Virtual Success tracks analytics and reports the information back to you.

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