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A Virtual Success is PROUD of our TEAM!

bernadette Raftery bio shot, owner of AVSoffice.com, Owner of A Virtual SuccessBernadette
Owner and Team Strategist

Bernadette Raftery, MBA helps you to improve your visibility online through strategic internet marketing and email campaigns. She uses Websites with strong SEO that produces conversions, and promotes you and your business through social media and email marketing campaigns.

A Virtual Office started in 1990, back when pc’s were just hitting the market. She learned that in order to continue to compete she would need more to offer her clients and pursued an MBA. After that, she took a stint in corporate for approximately 10 years, where she was an analyst for two major supermarket chains. Bernadette understands numbers and how important they are to prove your business’ presence online. She applies her analytical skills to business marketing, helping her clients measure their growth online. Regardless if it is an email campaign, social media investment or your website, A Virtual Success is here to help keep you on track with our cash investment for your business’ online presence.

In 2011, Bernadette started building up a team of professionals with various talents and experience, now known as A Virtual Success. AVS is much like a general contractor for your business. We match our teams skills with your business needs. We went in this direction because Bernadette understood that one person could not do it all with the skill and dynamics that your business deserves.

So now, read on and meet our growing team!

Meet Mindy, Web Designer!

Mindy has designed Websites for over 10 years. Mindy takes what is just good and makes it GREAT! She has a flare that takes the reader right into your environment, helping them catch on quickly to what you offer through visuals. A Developer builds frame work for websites, much like a builder for a home. As a designer takes the frame work and makes it look great! Much like an interior decorator. To have Mindy’s abilities is a gift to AVS and we want to share her gift with you!

Kristen, PPC, SEO, Bing, Google, Internet Marketing

Wonderful Kristen! SEO/PPC/CRO Strategist

Kristen brings nearly a decade of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) experience from Corporate America to small businesses. Let’s just say, she knows how to even out the playing field regardless what the size of your business is. Internet marketing allows for small businesses to compete with larger companies but requires work with the right blend of search engine optimization, a consumer friendly website, a visual and engaging presence on social media, staying on the top of the person’s mind with email marketing and your total online footprint. 

Kristen holds a Bachelors in Business Administration with a specialty in Internet Marketing. She understands the deeper parts of the internet marketing industry and knows how to break it down for the customer to comprehend. And, she educates the client so they operate within a reasonable budget, to gain the optimal effect. Why? because she genuinely wants your business to excel.

Judy, Accountant, financial analysis, bookkeeping

Here’s Judy! Accountant/Payroll Manager

Judy has her MBA through Curry College. She has over 20 years of experience with small business and corporate settings managing Accounts Receivables/Payables, Payroll teams. Her experience has a controller and auditor allows her to consult small businesses through the analysis of their statements. Judy helps businesses pace and strategize growth.

Where would we be without Marlene, our Administrative Assistant?

Marlene is has over 20 years of supporting businesses with administrative tasks. Her proactive ability and her social media savvy skills, gets the word out for your business and helps you grow your internet following through social media.

We are in the process of vetting and adding more professionals to our team soon:

  • Graphic Artist
  • Proofreader/Editor
  • InfusionSoft Code Specialist

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