Our Commitment

A Virtual Success stands by our commitment to provide:

  • Professional business services to all of our clients, with respect, integrity, competence and confidentiality.
  • Secured backed up of documentation, so information is always safe and available, upon request, with reasonable notice.
  • Full communication and accountability to our clients for projects accepted and maintained.
  • Fair notice should a project be beyond the scope of our available skill set and we will make the attempt to find you a qualified provider or notify you.
  • Proprietary information subject the client’s authorization for use. Intellectual property rights will only be used with permission of the respective owner.
  • Estimates according to suggested time and rates for services, and expenses incurred, shall be proportionate to industry criteria, unless previously arranged with the client.
  • Services with your best interest in mind, and if there is a way to do a project faster and cheaper, we will let you know about it.


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