How to Invite Friends to a Facebook Page

Have you ever wondered how to invite friends to a Facebook page for your business or organization? As a business or networking group, we want as many people to know about your organization or business as possible. Why? Because everyone knows someone.

Here are step by step directions, along with a short 2 minute tutorial. (There should be no need to raise the volume. The graphic is blurred to protect the names on my personal page).

  • Go to your private profile page on your timeline.
  • Search for the business page you want to invite people to.
  • There are TWO boxes your can invite friends.
  • Scroll down on your timeline, on the right panel will see another larger box. The number in large blue letters is the number of friends you have that also like the page the want to promote.
  • You can invite someone by name OR you can do what you did above. Click the “invite” button.
  • Go through the list and start to invite your friends.
    Note that just because your business may be “location-based” or limited to a geographic location does not mean they may not be a good person to invite. Remember everyone knows someone, and that someone just might live near the area you want to grow your business page.
  • If everyone involved in this networking group were to do this, every other month, the group will grow well beyond it’s current *likes* of 40 or so people.
  • This is a great way to introduce your business or organization page you manage to your friends.

Remember if people are not invited they will not know they can be a part of something great.

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