Below are FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that we receive. Please click to expand or retract the FAQ bar.

What is an Online Business Manager?

“A virtually based support professional who manages online based businesses, including the day-to-day management of projects, operations, team members and metrics.” (OBMconnection.com) A Virtual Success has degree-holding professionals, who help you assess your business processes, manage projects, and guide your teams to successful outcomes implementing best practices.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant IS:

  • An independent professional freelancer.
  • An individual or a team of professionals. AVS is a team; we believe one person cannot possibly be good at everything.
  • Skilled and educated in many areas of operations or administration. Therefore, more advanced skills (such as analysis) are charged at a higher rate than basic administrative skills.

A Virtual Assistant IS NOT:

  • An employee.
  • Exclusive to one business.
  • All the same. That is why we are a team of professionals.
  • Required to charge the same for everything. We base our rates on the skill level, education, and experience required for the service offered. For example, website design, finance, database analysis, and accounting, may run at a higher rate than basic clerical or contact management.

How can a Virtual Assistant help me?

We do what you:

• Don’t have the time to do;
• Don’t have a unique skill to do; (i.e., website updates, payroll, etc.);
• Find painstaking to do.

Projects we can help your business with are:

• Deadline-oriented projects.
• Ad hoc projects.
• Long or short-term projects.
• Data Tracking.
• See more of the services we provide.

Do I really need a Virtual Assistant?

Ask yourself if what you are doing:

• Adds to your marketing efforts?
• Secures client business?
• Is the best use of your time?
• Costs me more to do, than to outsource?

How does a Virtual Assistant save me money?

Because you do not employ an AVS contractor, you do not have any of the following fiscal commitments:

• Salary
• Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
• Benefits cost (Health and Welfare, disability, 401k matching, etc.)
• Computer purchasing nor maintenance expense
• Square Footage, high-speed internet lines, utilities, parking benefits, etc.
• Training and education cost.
Click here for more reasons.

How does a Virtual Assistant save me time?

Ask yourself, “How many hours does it take from start to finish, to secure a client relationship?”

You are good at what you do; however, you or your staff may lack certain skills. Tackling a particular task could take you 5-6 hours to carry out; it may only take an experienced AVS associate 2-3 hours to succeed. Layout and design of manuals, web design, spreadsheet analysis, payroll, are just a few examples.

Just contracting AVS for 5 hours a week, frees you up 20-25 hours a month to work on your sales, networking and marketing efforts.

For information about the services we offer please visit here.

Can I meet my Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager in person?

We can always arrange an first-time meeting on the South Shore of Boston, Massachusetts; however, because it is our policy to work virtually, we usually hold consults over the telephone or online. It is possible to build into the contract additional meetings at the client’s expense.

What does it mean to work virtually?

The client does not have to be concerned with having office space, desks, equipment or supplies to accommodate an AVS contractor; thereby saving your business money on overhead expenses. We have our own equipment and locations. All work requirements and communications are effectively accomplished either over the internet or by telephone.

Do you use overseas help?

It is important to us that we vet our subcontractors well, providing our clients with the highest quality of service. It is not the policy of AVS to use offshore or foreign subcontractors outside of continental United States or Canada. This is not to discredit overseas service providers, it is just that we are not equipped to provide adequate oversight for the services.

Also, consistency is very important for your business success. We have found that overseas providers tend to assign your project to the next available VA. So there is a good chance someone different is handling your business matters, similar to a secretarial pool concept. We strongly disagree with this model; especially when it comes to issues of confidentiality.

With that said, A Virtual Success is a member of the International Virtual Assistants Association, and if you do need an overseas services provider, we are happy to refer you.

What about confidentiality?

• Our equipment is password protected.
• All hardcopy documentation is stored in a locked location.
• Secured documentation is either transmitted over the internet with encryption and passwords (based upon the client’s request) or delivered to a reputable cloud program that is password protected.
• For sensitive information, the owner of AVSoffice.com, holds a Secret Level Security Clearance. Sorry that is all we can tell you!

Please see Our Commitment page.

Are all your consults free?

Our initial consult is free for the first half hour. To make the most of that time frame, we encourage our prospective clients to visit our Business Review page and fill out a needs assessment.

Once we have established the needs of the client, an agreement is signed. It has been our experience that needs change over time, so we will revisit the agreement at the end of first three months, and tweak it as needed.

Why do you have packages?

We focus our time on best practices for productivity. Spending time tracking time doesn’t accomplish this goal. We have found it only nickles and dimes the client. We are professionals, and we choose to invest our time in accomplishing optimal outcomes for our clients.


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