Easy Ways to Give Online This Holiday Season

Ways to Give Online to Your Favorite Charity

There are so many ways to give online to your favorite charity this year and have fun with it too!

Gift Donations

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Most organizations like Toys for Tots, Salvation Army and homeless shelters will open their doors to receive gifts for various ages. I like to donate to Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore, Inc. because it is local to where I live. General gift needs include Gift Cards, toys and even parents can receive something from Santa too! You may have to deliver the gifts to the shelter, but have you thought about having the gifts shipped right to their door? You may want to call the organization to let them know that the gift will ship directly to the door. You may want to get the name of who answers the phone and let them know what will be arriving. It won’t hurt to confirm their address, also. What’s great about online gifting too is you get a tracking of when the gift leaves all the way to when it arrives at the destination of your choice. You could even make it easier on the charity and have the gift pre-wrapped with a notation of the age and gender of the child/person who should receive the gift.

Amazon Smile

Easy Ways to Give online, online donations, online giving, holiday donation

Think about how much money you spend every year on your holiday shopping? Now, picture your favorite charity benefiting from those purchases. Most organizations have a link on their website that will lead you to Amazon. What most people don’t know is why? Amazon Smile is a unique link set up by Amazon. Amazon states that they “donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice.”  How easy is that! You can do all your holiday shopping online AND donate to your favorite cause! Oh, and don’t forget to purchase your Christmas wrapping paper, tape, bags and bows too! Oh, Oh, Oh and don’t forget to share your link with friends!

Did you get an error trying to access Amazon Smile? Try running it in a protected browser. Remember, you don’t want to make any online purchases unless you are on a secured wifi or cellular connection.

Raise Funds for Your Favorite Charity on Facebook

Last year, I was happy to raise over $1200 for Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore. Facebook made it possible to raise donations for your favorite charity online. And, 100% of the proceeds will got to charities with 501(c)3 status through the IRS. Just go to your Facebook Page and select

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Select Non-Profit. Then select the organization of your choice. For FHSS, you would type in Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore, Inc. And our name will come up. Once you select your charity, Facebook will congratulate you and tell you to set up your fundraiser.

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Then set up your fundraiser. Invite all your friends whom you think would be interested. Then share it on your newsfeed. Make sure to share your goal and a description of the charity. Also, add graphics to share along with daily blurbs about statistics, solutions, and opportunities of your charity of choice. It is important to share daily, because people will be reminded to give. It takes about it takes numerous visuals for someone to recognize the charity. Oh, and if you have a video, share that too! Finally, share it daily on your news feed.

Before You Give Online

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One thing we strongly recommend when you give online is that you research your charity first. Next, make sure you access the website from a secure wifi or cell connection. Finally, once you access the site, check to see if there is a lock next to the URL like this secure server lock, https, secured server, , and that the URL starts with HTTPS://. This is very important, because this tells you that the website you are donating too is on a secure server as well. Google, and most browsers, will warn you if there is a problem with an unlock icon.

Research Your Charity

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It was a surprise to me to learn that some charities use a most of their money for administrative costs. Make sure that the money you give will have a minimal administrative to operating costs ratio. Before you give online, do your homework. GuideStar.org is the gold star for researching religious charties and non-profits. Wikepedia reports that GuideStar is an information service specializing in reporting on U.S. nonprofit companies. In 2016 GuideStar reported on 2.5 million orginizations.” Other charity watch sites include: Charity Navigator, Charity Watch, Better Business Bureau, Combined Federal Campaign and Great Nonprofits! So make sure you check into your charity of choice because all of these watch sites offer transparency into the organization you chose to donate to. Guidestar, Donating to favorite charities, online giving, ways to give online

Donation Sites for Giving Online

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Easy ways to give online this holiday season is just a click away! There are many donations websites out there that will help you donate online. My favorite charity receives donations from Network For Good. I admit a small percentage of the donation is kept by Network for Good for handling fees, but it makes it so much easier for my charity of choice. I am in no way endorsing Network for Good, I’m just stating it is a viable option. It may be as easy as going to the Non-profit’s website and searching for a link to donate. Here is charity of my choice or you can go right to Network for Good and donate there.

Charities Operate Year-Round

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Just like Homelessness is solely a holiday issue, neither are the cancer society, Easter Seals, St. Jude’s Hospital and other charities. These are all year-round tragedies, and these non-rofits need your help on a regular basis. So, if you can’t do give this holiday season, consider after the holidays. Many charity website are able to set up monthly gifts too. So giving $1000 maybe out of the question for you, but giving $25 a month may fit the budget perfectly!

There are many ways to give online this holiday season, I hope you take advantage of the opportunity.


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