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12 Reasons Your Business Needs an Effective SEO Strategy

Effective SEO strategy, do you have one? Some longtime business owners can recall a time when mobile phones were an unnecessary expense – especially if you had walkie-talkies. Or when an email account didn’t seem to be worth the time to maintain. And this crazy concept known as the World Wide Web? Totally baffling. But […]

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The 5 Most Important Metrics in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free and relatively user-friendly, but it’s not always easy for beginners to know what to do with all the numbers Google Analytics produces. Know the basic Google Analytics metrics to avoid being overwhelmed by trying to interpret Google Analytics numbers. With practice, you can learn to interpret Google Analytics numbers and make site […]

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Calculating Your YouTube ROI

A professionally produced video can be expensive; however, when a video is well done it is  a great marketing tool. Video gives you a great method for communicating with your website visitors; because it is more than graphic or photo, it is a presentation in action. High quality video adds a whole new dimension to […]

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Is Social Media Enough?

Someone asked the other day, if social media is enough to market your business? After all, the benefits range from low cost options to a more relational connection with your prospects. But they wondered if the benefits were sustainable and substantial enough to use social media as a sole solution. We wouldn’t say it is […]

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An Effective Business Card (Part 2)

In the last blog, An Effective Business Card (Part 1), I wrote about “speaking the client’s language.” One of those examples is providing a telephone number versus an email address. You have some people who find it easier dialing a phone number and talking to you, rather than texting or typing an email message. It also […]

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Effective Business Card

Have you ever felt like eating a business card? Seriously, the other day, someone had talked about business cards made out of chocolate. Chocolate, my favorite food in the food pyramid! Seriously, your business card is the compass that directs people to you and what you do. It tells people how to reach you, and […]

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