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Are You Bartering Yourself Broke?

I love to help people and I love a bargain, so bartering sounds like an ideal arrangement right? Well, it can be – at times. The IRS defines bartering as “exchanging goods and services without exchanging money.” There are things you need to consider when you engage in a business bartering arrangement. One of those […]

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Is Social Media Enough?

Someone asked the other day, if social media is enough to market your business? After all, the benefits range from low cost options to a more relational connection with your prospects. But they wondered if the benefits were sustainable and substantial enough to use social media as a sole solution. We wouldn’t say it is […]

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Attitude Adjustments for Operating a Business

What are the pain points when operating a business? We all have something that we hate to do, right? Maintaining our schedules, writing a blog, billing, bookkeeping; regardless what it is, we all have dreaded tasks. It is human nature to procrastinate. Unfortunately, our clients do pick up on this attitude. Even worse, our business […]

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