Bye, Bye, Google+ is Going Away April 2nd

Google+ is Going Away, How Does That Apply to You?

Google Plus is going away. Yup, did you hear the news, Bye, bye Google Plus. You probably saw the notice on your account. Back in January, Google had a “potential major data breach.”  and the announcement states that as of April 2nd, all Google Plus content and use is going away.

Will Google Replace Google Plus?

google plus is going away, google+ is going away

The probability is zero to none now that Google+ is going away. Although, Google can surprise us, it is highly unlikely! Let me just say, and I’ll explain it later on in this blog, it is only going away for some people. Some nay sayers predict that social media as a whole will go away. And, certainly the government would love to put their hat in the ring with how to regulate social media. Big social outlets like Twitter and Facebook have been in the news lately with the accusations from censoring specific groups or types of followers, mainly on the conservative side of the isle. The other hot button is interlectual property protections.

Writing an Algorithm isn’t Cheap

google plus is going away, google+ is going away, writing an algorythm

It would seem companies have made minimal attempts to moderate content. So the demands on these social platforms is costing a lot of money. Hense, why Google+ is going away. These gestures on the part of Google, are purely to satisfy the user owners on the short term. Long term it will take tremendous resources and money to really enforce the protection of intellectual property the way it needs to be done. Moderating costs and demands will require more advertising. Advertising is annoying to most casual social network users.

Social Media Must Diversify

social media must diversify

While social media was innovative in the past. This innovation is not enough. That’s not a healthy future for any company that only has one offering. Google chose to take the social outlet off the grid for many reasons. Primarily it is likely due to GDPR and Article 13 in Europe. Not to mention, China wasn’t playing too kindly to Google (Google China) either. It is highly unlikely Google will want to put it back on the screen anytime soon. However, like we said, earlier, while Google+ is going away, it isn’t going away for everyone.

What Other Google Social Outlets are there?

google plus is going away, google+ is going away, google suite

Google has their all they can do to keep up with moderating Youtube and Blogger. And, how many people have been frustrated trying to advertise using a blog on Facebook? Me! Constantly, being told I have violated some type of rule they have in place. The trust is, it’s a bot scanning the information, picking up on questionable words. Let me ask you this, Facebook, how am I suppose to write a blog for a tax preparation firm without mentioning the IRS? Hmmm? My appeals usually go through without issue. However, it is annoying and quite frankly unnecessary. Allow the audience to chose, report or state the issue. but at least both of those put money in the bank for Google.

Holy GSuite Batman!

google plus is going away, google+ is going away, google suite 02

Google does have GSuite. While it’s not Google Plus it’s supposedly is so much more. Google has set it up for individuals and business users. And, get this, is not going away for GSuite users. Wait, what? GSuite houses all your Google items, such as YouTube, Hangouts, etc. and yes, Google Plus. GSuite allows for unlimited storage space for things such as photos, documents, emails and files. Because it is a cloud-based platform, you can access your Google products from anywhere. Here’s the catch, it will cost ya! Approximately, $60/year per user for individuals, $120 per user for business and $300 annually per user for G Suite Enterprise. While GSuite is all inclusive with regard to the Google products, including Google Plus. This makes me wonder at times, if this isn’t Google’s way of getting people to pay for their social media? Is this a test of the waters? I guess we will find out. After all, Google is a pioneer giant and authority when it comes to the internet.

Do You Feel Google Abandoned You?


You are not alone and essentially they did. Google has taken many projects off the grid over the past several years. There has been no effort on their part to try and fix or revive them either. When you are as big as Google, I guess you just don’t have to consider the little guy. Do you struggle with getting your company the online exposure, by managing your blogs, updating your website or social media? Why not contact us here.

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